INAMARINE 2017 Exhibition Aims to Strengthen the Indonesia Maritime Industry
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Maritime sector currently takes an important role in the Indonesian economic, especially, with the development of the global maritime axis program, toll of the sea, security sea of ​​theft and smuggling to potential economic growth as a result of Indonesian maritime connectedness with the Silk One Belt One Road. The issues are being highlighted nowadays.

The maritime industry is one of the sectors and the country’s most influential assets to the progress of the national economy. All of this cannot be separated from Asian free market, which then affects the interest of foreign investors to work together to develop the maritime industry and shipping technology.

With the growth and development of maritime industrial, shipyard-Ship-Port-Infrastructure (GKPI), will drive demand for components and spare part of maritime sector, either to request new ships or to maintain the ship (new build or after sales), which will promote the economic growth in maritime industry.

To make it happen is by rebuilding the Indonesian maritime culture that had developed in the era. As a country that has more than 13,500 islands and covers the area along the 3,000 miles of ocean, Indonesia should be aware of it and sees itself as the nation’s identity, prosperity, and a very bright future.

Indonesian sea reaches three-quarters of the entire territory of Indonesia. Strait of Malacca and the Indonesian archipelagic sea-lanes lines (ALKI) in general is a strategic trade route through which world trade ships with trade volume reaching 45 percent of the total trading value worldwide. This has shown that Indonesia is the most potential and influential country in the sectors of the maritime industry, because the government will build a larger port in more than 6 provinces throughout Indonesia. As a result, the potential is attracting foreign investors to jointly build the confidence in realizing the shipping equipment technology that is as qualified as  countries in Asia and Europe.

To support the maritime industry and its components, GEM Indonesia will presents INAMARINE 2017 as an exhibition of technologies and equipment shipping, shipyard, offshore, ports, coatings, paint, welding and logistic. The exhibition is very suitable to showcase the latest product related promotional event of maritime industry, its supporting components industry and other services because this exhibition is an international maritime exhibition and the largest in INDONESIA, so this exhibition is able to affect the shipping industry, technology and of course ship components. Furthermore, this exhibition is also supported by Indonesian National Ship Owners Association (INSA).

The national shipbuilding program cannot be separated from the outside of the vessel painting and design that shows the selling value of domestic products. To support the program, INAMARINE 2017 is held in conjunction with Coating Indonesia 2017 and Welding Indonesia 2017 which are also supported by Indonesia Coating Association (ASCOATINDO), Indonesia Welding Association (IWS) as well as the Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia.

INAMARINE 2017 will be held integrated with Indonesia Maritime Conference 2017.


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