Visitor Scope

Inamarine Exhibition Indonesia will be promoted through out the Indonesia and regional with extensive targeted visitor promotion to reach the people who count.


  • Ship Repairs & Ship Builder
  • Shipping Company
  • Ship Owners & Operator
  • Shipbuilders & Designer
  • Naval Architect
  • Dredging Services Providers
  • Government Agencies
  • Trading & Supplier Company
  • LNG & Oil Professional
  • Maritime Organizations
  • Offshore Suppliers & Support
  • Oil & Gas Company
  • Port & Maritime Agent
  • Turnkey Contractor
  • Workboat Builders
  • Distributor & Agents
  • Importer & Wholesaler
  • Media & Consulting
  • Education
  • Operator
INAMARINE 2016 Jakarta was great show and offer a good chance to network with shipyard, supplier, importer, distributor and will get us to reach our goal. We will take part 2x bigger scale in next year.
Remitite Co
Mr. Kim Kyungtae
Chief, Remitite Co.,Ltd
We always join INAMARINE both of Jakarta and Batam every year. INAMARINE 2016 go to Surabaya. I find it’s good change. Surabaya is a great city to be appointed by Indonesia Goverment as center production ships in Indonesia, so it’’s our great opportunity to get a lot of new customer in order to involve Indonesia’s maritim highway projects. Lt’s find us at INAMARIEN 2016 Surabaya.
BT Marine Indonesia
Mr. Andy Tudge
Managing Director of BT Marine Indonesia